Since 1995 we have been collecting and sharing with our members the best adult content available on the ‘net. But there were times when we just couldn’t find exactly what our members wanted, so we started developing some content for ourselves.

As adult webmasters we understand the importance to our members of high quality, regularly updated content. We listen to what our members ask for and design our content with them in mind.

Over the years, many of our fellow webmasters often asked us where we got our special content from and were disappointed that it was not available to them for their web sites. From their disappointment came the impetus for Content Guys.

We thought that we should make our privately developed content available to a select few Webmasters who believe, as we do, that their members deserve better than just average when it comes to content.

And being Webmasters ourselves, we also understand that price is always a consideration, so we developed Content Guys to be as flexible and understanding of the realities facing today’s Webmaster. That is why we have built Content Guys around a bandwidth model, to allow you the most price flexibility possible. Of course, we can’t give our content away for free, but I’m confident that we can come up with a pricing schedule that you can comfortably live with.

I know that your members will be as thrilled about your new content as ours have been. We have included a sampling of the hundreds of comments that we’ve received over the years. Check out what our members and your fellow Webmasters say about Content Guys in the reviews section.

Please complete our short form and we will send you a demo pass to preview the Content Guys content for yourself. I know that it will be just what your members have been looking for.

Best Wishes From the Content Guys Team!

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