“Since implementing the Cruiser Boys and Maximo Latino feeds on TheMalebox.com, not only have we noticed a significant increase in member retention, but also have received endless compliments on the fine services offered by AJ and Colin. Both feeds filled a much-needed void in the current stalemate of generic content so overly saturated and repeated on endless websites.Updated weekly with fresh faces and hot bodies never seen before, Cruiser Boys and Maximo Latino are our two highest rated outsourced features on TMB. Amazing photography and the highest quality streaming video I have seen!

Brian, Publisher - TheMalebox.com


“Maximo Latino and Cruiser Boys are two of the best additions I have ever made to my site. They both update religiously on Wednesday and Friday respectively. I like to update my site daily, so having these two fine products surely helps with that!I carry a diverse range of feeds on my site and Cruiser Boys and Maximo Latino always rank in the top ten for member visits. Members always rave about the quality of the video and pictures on both of these sites. Not to mention the hot guys! Having waded through acres of this stuff I have to give Content Guys two big thumbs up for an ongoing job well done. There is no doubt Cruiser Boys and Maximo Latino enhance my site and increase my member retention.”

Tyler, Owner - Tylersroom.com


“Why can't other content providers have their shit together like the folks at Content Guys? I’ve been in the biz for over six years and without a doubt these guys have got it going on! Their pics and vid clips are outstanding: crystal clear, available in various sizes, and not compressed to death -- and best of all, this content thrills my members, and keeps them coming back for more. Better yet, their dependable customer support equals the quality of their content. This means they get back to me immediately, whenever I need to write them with questions or issues; and the same with my members -- they always address their tech concerns within a quick turn-around period. Amazing. Two hard-ons UP for these guys!”

David K., Publisher - Nightcharm.com


“I just wanted to thank Content Guys for producing some high-quality content. As you know I run specialty sites and now with your new content up I can honestly say that I'm finally beginning to retain members. Another big + about your content is it's updated weekly and let me tell you that makes all the difference in the world for me! Also, thanks for working with my members, I know it can be tedious trying to solve all their problems but you attention to detail is making the difference in my bottom line.”

Gary Dginger, Owner - Hye Web Productions


“I've found ContentGuys to be extremely professional, courteous and responsive to my needs as an adult Webmaster. Maximo Latino is a great compliment to my site, LatinMuscle.com - providing us weekly updates in addition to our own site updates. Their models are young, fresh and very cute. Plus, Maximo Latino is updated like clockwork every Wednesday with a fresh new model session and streaming movie. ContentGuys also provides email support to my site members for the Maximo Latino plug-in content, which is a great, added benefit. ContentGuys is dedicated to their craft and I highly recommend them.”

Troy Johnson, Owner - LatinMuscle.com


Cruiser Boys has been on my site since July 2003 and I have been consistently happy with the product. The models are fresh and bright-eyed and the photography and video content is top quality. They have never missed a Friday update, and the feeds stream perfectly every time without the choppiness or multiple errors of certain other providers.My site has benefited greatly from having Cruiser Boys as a component, and my google rating even went up from people searching for their favorite Cruiser Boy. Their customer service is also very, very well done. I HIGHLY recommend Cruiser Boys (and Content Guys) to other webmasters small and large looking for top quality programming with no hassles and no sneaky overbilling either.”

Dexx Jones, Owner- dexxjones.com


These two sites are the most popular among CzechBoys members and here's why: Firstly - and most important, the guys are HOT HOT HOT! There is not a dud dude to be seen. Your guys are SO toned and sleek with beautiful butts, sensational cocks, real cute smiles and fuck-me eyes. We love them ALL!!! Secondly - we get to see new guys on both sites EVERY week without fail. No excuses, no delays, regular and reliable updates of beautiful boys - we always look forward to each new guy. Thirdly - any time any of our members has some sort of technical problem which we can't solve, we know we can just send them straight over to your help desk and you will provide them with prompt and efficient service. They don't have to wait around for days to fulfill their desires to view those luscious lads. Your sites are fab and we are your number one fans:-)”

Ivan Faltus, Owner- thenakedparty.com


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